Communications with the Daily Post, Still No Publication of Announcement

In an email sent by my campaign to the Los Alamos Daily Post, we question the biased and unfair coverage provided by Carol Clark:

Ms. O’Neill,

Thank you again for your interest in the problematic reporting of the crime statistics for Los Alamos County.  The campaign confirms receipt of the handbook delivered by the chief to Mr. Whitehead.  We also acknowledge a single email from the chief.  We are reticent to call the issue of differences in reporting “allegations”.  We are working on comparisons of what the chief has actually said to the governing body.  We would, of course, suggest you research the statistics as published by the Department of Public Safety. We covet independent third party verification. It’s the kind of principle that keeps everyone honest.

We would like to again ask about the status of publishing our announcement. You did acknowledge that you would have to speak to the publisher.  As you know, the original, document was sent to you in February.


Todd R. Hathorne
Campaign Manager

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