A conveniently timed news story

Los Alamos, NM — June 28, 2018 — Today James Whitehead, candidate for Los Alamos County Sheriff, reacted to a recent story published in the Los Alamos Daily Post. “Today I am releasing the Curriculum Vitae of the doctor who testified in the hearing about my dispute with the National Laboratories in Los Alamos, Dr. Susan B. Cave. Dr. Cave found no medical reason for the actions taken by management at the Labs. The fact that my employment was returned to its previous status is a clear indication that I have done nothing wrong and I am fit to serve. And Lab management knows this. Dr. Cave’s credentials were sufficient for the administrative court. Her credentials are the best in the state. Yet the local paper did not provide these credentials for their readers. The local reporter Maire O’Neill also chose not to contact either myself or my campaign manager for commentary on this story.”

Mr. Whitehead continued by saying there are errors regarding his own credentials and the story leaves an impression that he is somehow unfit for duty. Nothing could be further from the truth. “I am confident in my ability to perform all of the duties required for the labs and for the office of Sheriff. I am available for the voters of this county to discuss any aspect of this campaign, including the methods of crime and emergency management and reporting of crime statistics. The much-delayed response in reporting my lawsuit against the labs for retaliatory employment practices seems to be focused on painting a one-sided picture. I am charged with the serious duties of fire suppression activities at the labs. If I were not fit to fulfill them, I would resign in heartbeat. I put the lives and property of our national mission above my career. Any red-blooded American would.”

The story last week covered an administrative hearing in January 2016 exonerating Mr. Whitehead’s actions in calling out the Laboratory management’s poor choices in fire suppression systems. For more information please contact the candidate or see: www.whiteheadforsheriff.com

Communications with the Daily Post, Still No Publication of Announcement

In an email sent by my campaign to the Los Alamos Daily Post, we question the biased and unfair coverage provided by Carol Clark:

Ms. O’Neill,

Thank you again for your interest in the problematic reporting of the crime statistics for Los Alamos County.  The campaign confirms receipt of the handbook delivered by the chief to Mr. Whitehead.  We also acknowledge a single email from the chief.  We are reticent to call the issue of differences in reporting “allegations”.  We are working on comparisons of what the chief has actually said to the governing body.  We would, of course, suggest you research the statistics as published by the Department of Public Safety. We covet independent third party verification. It’s the kind of principle that keeps everyone honest.

We would like to again ask about the status of publishing our announcement. You did acknowledge that you would have to speak to the publisher.  As you know, the original, document was sent to you in February.


Todd R. Hathorne
Campaign Manager

The Truth About Violent Crime in Los Alamos

In the spring of 2016, I became increasingly concerned as I witnessed our County Council defund and systematically dismantle the Sheriff’s Office, and I was compelled to action when they proposed the charter amendment to permanently abolish the Sheriff’s Office.

Council and opponents of the Sheriff’s Office presented a misguided proposal that failed, saying the people of Los Alamos are safer without a sheriff, and launched a campaign including signs with the oxymoronic claim that we should Vote For Public Safety by eliminating the sheriff’s office.

Opponents of the Sheriff’s Office made this irresponsible claim to the detriment of public safety. These events have caused me to begin looking more closely at the numbers. What I found wasn’t what I expected.

Like many of us, I believed that I lived in the Safest City in America. The fact is this simply is not true.

The question that you’re probably asking is, “How can this be?! We receive the same report that is presented to county council each year?” Well, I have looked at these reports and compared them to the reports provided to the Department of Public Safety, a state entity, and the numbers just don’t match.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about minor errors…such as 7’s that look like 9’s. I am talking about the indisputable fact that only 66% of the Violent Crime reported to the NM DPS by LAPD appears in the 2016 Annual Crime Report presented to County Council, and only 83% in 2017. Why is there difference in these reports? I have spoken with DPS Staff, and they are confident in their numbers.

All New Mexico Law Enforcement Agencies are required to report to the  Department of Public Safety, which uses the Uniform Crime Reporting Index that was created by the FBI to categorize and analyze criminal activity.

More info on the DPS Uniform Crime Reporting: https://www.dps.nm.gov/index.php/107-uniform-crime-reports

James Whitehead lays out platform on local radio station KRSN’s morning show

In an interview on the morning of Friday, May 11, James Whitehead lays out his platform in his campaign for Los Alamos County Sheriff. The interview, conducted by Nancy Coombs on the local radio station KRSN, aired during the station’s morning show. Have a listen:

The interview was made available on the KRSN webpage. Take a loot at our local radio station’s website. KRSN interviews James Whitehead